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Royal Amethyst necklace earrings set

Royal Amethyst necklace earrings set

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Amethyst adds a touch of royalty to your jewellery collection. From the sparkle in its timeless design to the subtle energy it radiates, this pendant and earrings set is a beautiful addition to your everyday fashion accessories. It comes with its own gift box so you can keep it safe when not in use.

Necklace: Drop 20 cm, earrings drop: 5cm.  

Metaphysical qualities

Amethyst is associated with the Crown chakra - Sahasrara ( the thousand petalled) and helps one unify with the aspect of the self that exists without the body and mind.  What’s more it is also associated with St Germaines’ violet flame.

Disclaimer: Advice given is intended for her informational purposes only and not intended to replace appropriate medical advice

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