Spiritual identity and aging

My Journey thus far as an Aging Indigenous ( Maori) Woman.


As I traverse the chapters of my life, the pursuit of spirituality has naturally taken center stage and prominence.

With each passing day my quest for a profound purpose has become more pronounced and woven itself into the intricate tapestry of my experiences and life.

A harmonious blend of historical echoes, personal losses, empathetic connections, detachment from nature and a yearning for authentic human bonds driven by the need to leave a positive legacy shapes this compelling voyage I find myself on.

1. Confronting the Shadows of Colonialism:

The weight of colonialism's enduring impact looms heavily over my existence.

The impact of the Tohunga suppression Act and other pieces of legislation weighs heavy on my mind.

Therefore the realization of the ancestral wisdom and cultural heritage that were torn from my people's grasp fuels my determination to reconnect with the spiritual roots that colonial and religious forces sought to sever.

This journey to embrace a different kind of spirituality becomes a way to reclaim my identity and breathe life into my soul and the cultural practices that have long been suppressed.

2. Rediscovering My Indigenous Wisdom:

A poignant catalyst for my spiritual pursuit is the fervent need to restore the natural lores and sacred knowledge that have been buried over generations.

The loss of these invaluable teachings propels me to explore my heritage, seeking solace and illumination in some of the age-old rituals and teachings that have held and still hold the essence of my people.

3. The Awakening of Empathy:

Aging has gifted me with a heightened sense of empathy, determination and purpose. I ask myself, who were my Tipuna(ancestors)? How did they live? What did they really know about the unseen world?

This has lead me to ask myself, Is there more?

The deep connection I feel with nature, my whakapapa (encapsulating natural lore, knowledge and expertise) and my community amplifies my emotions has thus lead me to embark on this quest for spiritual understanding and healing.

A commitment to this voyage helps me navigate the intensity of my feelings, thus transforming them into sources of strength and guidance rather than pessimism and frustration.

4. Rekindling My Bond with Nature:

In a world dominated by technology and urbanization, I've felt a growing chasm between myself and the natural world.

As an aging indigenous woman, I seek solace and purpose by reconnecting with the ancient rhythms of Mother Earth and the cycles of Te Ao Marama - the world of the Moon.

This reconnection allows me to harmonize my life with these cycles of nature and has lead to a greater sense of belonging.

5. Craving Authentic Connections:

In an era where personal interactions can often lack depth and cohesive dependency, my innate desire for profound relationships drives me further towards integrating some form of spirituality within my life and practices.

I yearn for connections that transcend surface interactions.

Lucky for me I have found these connections and this has enabled me to forge bonds rooted in shared values and collective experiences.

It is truly a blessing and gift rolled up in one.

Gratitude is it’s outcome.

6. Leaving a Legacy for Generations to Come:

With the passage of time, a yearning to leave a positive legacy for future generations has swelled within my consciousness.

It has always been something I have engaged in , but with the passing of years it’s impetus has become more prevalent.

The pursuit of spirituality has transformed into a vessel through which
I can impart cultural heritage, values, and wisdom. This legacy becomes a bridge between my past and the future, thus hopefully positively shaping the lives of those who will follow.

7. Exploring New Horizons of Expression:

My journey into spirituality has lead me to explore clairvoyance, mediumship, and tarot card reading. It has also caused me to question the colonial spiritual beliefs I was bought up with.

I have found these avenues have offered me fresh tools to tap into the spiritual realm, my ancestors, my future in a way religion has often failed to do.

They have enabled me to glean insights,understanding, communication with my ancestors in way that is beyond most people’s comprehension.

As I navigate the road ahead with these tohu (gifts) in hand it seems more full of light and fulfilment.


As an aging indigenous woman, my pursuit of spirituality weaves together history, loss, empathy, connection, and hope.

This journey empowers me to embrace my roots, deepen my bonds, and create a legacy enriched with cultural heritage.

Through this pursuit, I draw strength from the past to shape a meaningful and purposeful future, not just for myself, but for generations to come - Mauri Ora
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