The Heaven of Rehua

The Heaven of Rehua

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 Rehua is said to be the supreme God of the Heavens.  In Maori Mythology there are many heavens and many gods fulfilling a role within the cosmos.  Depending on which tribe or ancient connection, Maori divide the heavens into a number of realms. Here is an example of some of the divisions..

Kiko-rangi, presided over by the god Toumau

Waka-maru, the heaven of sunshine and rain

Nga-roto, the heaven of lakes where the god Maru rules

Hau-ora, where the spirits of new-born children originate

Nga-Tauira, home of the servant gods

Nga-atua, which is ruled over by the hero Tawhaki

Autoia, where human souls are created

Aukumea, where spirits live

Wairua, where spirit gods live while waiting on those in

Naherangi or Tuwarea, where the great gods live presided over by Rehua

The Maori believe these heavens are supported by pillars. Other Polynesian peoples see them being supported by gods (as in Hawai’i). In one Tahitan legend, heaven is supported by an octopus.

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