When I was 25

I have been asked by a few How did I start my spiritual journey?.  Well I can only comment on this life time, but if I had to pin point a time it was when I was 25 years old.  I had come at a cross roads in my life, started a new life after a tumultuous relationship and ended up back home with my parents.  I remember being at home by myself and thinking "I wonder what love is?".  It was in that moment that I decided I wanted to explore life rather than live a life, I wanted to explore it.  That week my Aunty Toobee (not her real name) rung me and said she was attending this church, it was a church unlike the church I grew up in.  It turned out to be the Spiritualist Church in Palmerston North, Aunty Toobee said she was going to her first service on Sunday as someone called Mary Fry was going to be there.  

Aunty asked me if I wanted to come.  So the very next day I got on a bus and headed to Palmerston North to go see Mary Fry and to explore a different type of life.  Doors and pathways opened for me that week, pathways that lead me eventually to where I am now.

I met so many different people, seeking spiritual expression, seeking freedom, seeking something.  I was seeking the answers to my question and they were seeking answers to theirs.  

I started to explore myself beyond the body, and I started to push the boundaries of my conception of culture and what it was to be human.

I cannot recall things in chronological order anymore due to many health factors and medical interventions.  But I do recall events, in detail.  Over the coming weeks I would like to share with you some of my tales and experiences.  I hope you walk with me on my sharing journey.

May your feet walk gently upon the Earth (Papatuanuku).   May the Goddess and her manifestations nurture you and your family.
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